Machine and Process Safety Integration Systems

Safety solutions you can rely on.

Whatever the industry or application, RS can supply you with all of your safety related product needs. With an ever increasing product range and new innovations constantly being introduced, RS can help you meet today's safety requirements. From mining and utilities to pharmaceutical and food & beverage, our range will complete your safety sensing & control solutions.

Top Brands in Machine and Process Safety Integration Systems

Key areas in Machine and Process Safety Integration Systems

With whole ranges dedicated to industrial safety, you can be sure that both machinery and operators will remain safe. Everything From Machine Safety to Presence Detection can be achieved with ranges such as; Interlock Switches, Light Curtains, Safety Relays, Non Contact Switches, Safety Limit Switches, Grab Wires and Pressure Pads. In addition to this we have many more products to consider, our Pneumatics range contains safety related products such as Emergency Stop Valves, Pressure Regulators, Shut Off Valves, Dump Valves, Air Fuses and Silencers

Complementary technologies