Holding Magnets & Solenoid Accessories

Holding magnets are magnet systems with an open magnetic circuit.The magnet is glued in a pot shaped body, while the active magnet faces down (in order to attach itself to the surface), concentrating the force of the magnet.

How do holding magnets work?

The magnetic field of the holding magnet is concentrated in order to achieve a better and stronger holding force than a regular magnet of the same size. The magnet is attached to a metal body, with the active (magnetic) surface facing downwards to attach to the desired surface. Holding magnets have a shallow magnetic field and are therefore typically not used over a gap.

Benefits of holding magnets

  • Holding magnets are the best choice for using on steel surfaces
  • Unlike permanent magnets, holding magnets will not break or crack since they are protected by a metal body
  • Holding magnets are quick and easy to install
  • Holding magnets are the best choice for hanging as they are strong and durable
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