Consumer Unit Accessories

Consumer unit accessories are component parts that are used in conjunction with consumer units, which are a kind of distribution board. Distribution boards are a part of an electrical power system that supplies electricity to subsidiary circuits, and they are most commonly found in domestic settings.

Consumer unit accessories can include anything from busbars, to locks, to earth terminals; essentially, they can be any device or piece used in the regular function of consumer units.

What are consumer units used for?

Consumer units generally provide the electrical power supply to homes. They split an electrical power feed into several subsidiary circuits, and include a separate circuit breaker or fuse for each. This is to prevent shorts or faults affecting the entire power system.

Types of consumer unit accessories

A range of accessories can be used with consumer units, including:

  • Busbars and related products
  • Mounting accessories
  • Replacement parts, such as fuses and indicator lamps
  • Cable accessories
  • Locks and related products
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Rincian Komponen Brand Stock Consumer Unit Accessory Type Range Series
Europa MCB/RCBO Lock Europa 1947 MCB/RCBO Lock - -
Consumer Unit Mod Blanks (2 x 4 strips) Europa 1922 Blanking Plate - -
5544s blanking plate for consumer unit MK Electric 397 Blanking Plate - Sentry
MCB locking device for consumer unit
  • S$ 5,118
  • Each (In a Pack of 5)
  • Periksa Tingkat Stok
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Eaton 325 MCB Lock - -
Replacement fuse for HRC fuse module,5A
  • S$ 0,83
  • Each (In a Pack of 5)
  • Periksa Tingkat Stok
  • Compare
Cooper Bussmann 285 Replacement Fuse - -
Metal Twist fit Cover Blank Plate
  • S$ 0,734
  • Each (In a Pack of 10)
  • Periksa Tingkat Stok
  • Compare
Wylex 170 Blanking Plate - NM
Comb Busbar, Labels & Protection Covers Wylex 51 Comb Busbar Kit - NH
MISTRAL65 Wall Fixing Brackets, 4 pcs
  • No. Stok RS 811-1928
  • Merek ABB
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. 1SLM006500A1927
ABB 45 Wall Fixing Brackets - MISTRAL65
Replacement/Spare Main Busbar Schneider Electric 10 Busbar - EZ9
Merlin Gerin Mini Pragma Enclosure Merlin Gerin 8 Enclosure - Mini Pragma
ABB MISTRAL65 Lock with Key
  • No. Stok RS 811-1921
  • Merek ABB
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. 1SLM006500A1931
ABB 7 Lock with Key - MISTRAL65
Merlin Gerin Mini Opale Enclosure Merlin Gerin 6 Enclosure - Mini Opale
Schneider Electric EZ9 Earth Terminal Schneider Electric 6 Earth Terminal - EZ9
Schneider Electric EZ9 Switch Disconnector Schneider Electric 6 Switch Disconnector - EZ9
Sentry split load kit for consumer unit MK Electric 5 Split Load Cable - Sentry
Merlin Gerin Mini Pragma Enclosure Merlin Gerin 4 Enclosure - Mini Pragma
Wylex NH Earth Terminal Wylex 3 Earth Terminal - NH
Wylex NM Cable Gland Kit Wylex 3 Cable Gland Kit - NM
Merlin Gerin Multi 9 Enclosure Merlin Gerin 2 Enclosure - Multi 9
Mounting plate for MCCB & 1 phase meter Legrand 2 Mounting Plate - XL3 125
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