Digital Panel Battery Meters

Digital panel battery meters help to monitor various functions relating to a battery's level of charge, maintenance or status. They display accurate battery information and are available in LED or LCD formats. Digital panel battery meters are a cost-effective way of assessing and tracking battery condition.

What are digital panel battery meters used for?

Digital panel battery meters have a variety of uses in applications including medical devices, golf cars, electric bikes and commercial cleaning equipment. They are widely used in industrial and commercial vehicles, such as construction equipment and material handling.

How do you use digital panel battery meters?

Digital panel battery meters can be sub-panel mounted or secured with a fixing bezel. They have a visual digital display in an LED format for 'glance' visibility, or LCD designs to show digits clearly in bright daylight conditions. A programmable monitor allows you to input settings specific to your application, and also has emergency notifications like alarms and buzzers. A built-in clock function allows easy tracking of time and date status.

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Rincian Komponen Battery Voltage Stock Cutout Height Cutout Width Display Type Depth
12Vdc LED battery meter, wet battery
  • S$ 90,05
  • Each
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12V dc 91 31.2mm 53.2mm LED 28.8mm
24Vdc LED battery meter, wet battery
  • S$ 66,66
  • Each
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24V dc 30 31.2mm 53.2mm LED 28.8mm
24Vdc engage 1, LED battery voltmeter
  • S$ 45,61
  • Each
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  • No. Stok RS 533-4229
  • Merek Curtis
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. ICE914Z-2401 0-5V LED METER
24V dc 20 24.1mm 36.8mm LED 29.2mm
24Vdc LED battery meter, gel battery
  • S$ 64,05
  • Each
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24V dc 14 31.2mm 53.2mm LED 28.8mm
Curtis LCD Digital Voltmeter & Hour Meter 12V dc
  • S$ 84,09
  • Each
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  • No. Stok RS 533-4241
  • Merek Curtis
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. 3000R-97N-0001 VM HRM 12V
12V dc 1 60mm 60mm LCD 58.5mm
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