IC Antarmuka

Pilih dari berbagai produk IC Antarmuka. Kami menyediakan produk dari produsen Semikonduktor terkemuka di dunia yang artinya Anda pasti menemukan produk yang ideal untuk aplikasi Anda

Exciting New Infineon Products

Explore digital power control, the XMC power explorer kit features synchronous buck converter and resistive load banks for control and transient testing. The control card uses an XMC4200 ARM® Cortex™-M4F with detachable debugger interface.

ARM® mbed™ OS

An open source embedded operating system designed specifically for IoT "things". All the features you need to develop a connected product, perfect for applications including smart cities, smart homes and wearables.

New Products At RS

RS is continually expanding its market leading range of Electronics, Automation & Control and Maintenance support products.