Temperature Control Cables

Temperature control cables, or temperature probes, are used to determine the temperature of surfaces, liquids physical objects or change in voltage resistance of circuits. These cables have sensor junctions adjacent to metal or plastic casings.

The casings of temperature control cables are in contact with the object or surface being measured to calibrate and determine its temperature.

What are temperature control cables used for?

Temperature control cables are used to determine soil and water temperature in industries like oceanic and geological research.

Temperature probes are common in sterile application usage, for instance, the food and medical industries for quality control and safety purposes.

Temperature control cables are also found in the industrial sector such as manufacturing and production plants where temperatures of equipment and machinery need to be monitored.

Types of temperature control cables

Three types of temperature control cables are used:

  • Thermocouples cables that measure voltage deviation between two junctions to determine heat ranges.
  • Resistive temperature detectors with wire loops that show changes in resistance related to changes in temperature.
  • Thermistors where the resistance drops when the temperature rises or where the resistance increases when the temperature rises.
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Rincian Komponen Brand Stock Cable Type For Use With Cable Length
KT4H Accessory,Tool Cable Panasonic 1 - - -
Temp Control Cable, NTC Probe, 1.5m Carel 129 NTC Temperature Probe - 1.5m
Temp Control Cable, NTC Probe, 3m Carel 44 NTC Temperature Probe - 3m
iTools nanodac/3000 series USB cable Eurotherm 28 USB Cable - 2m
Temp Control Cable, NTC Probe, 1.5m Carel 24 NTC Temperature Probe - 1.5m
Omron USB - Serial Conversion Cable, 2.1m Omron 12 USB - Serial Conversion Cable - 2.1m
Temp Control Cables, USB / TTL Adaptor
  • No. Stok RS 736-5082
  • Merek P.M.A
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. 9407-998-00003
P.M.A 7 - Series K Temperature Process Controller -
Omron USB - Serial Conversion Cable, 2.1m Omron 6 USB - Serial Conversion Cable - 2.1m
PC-Interface incl. adapter
  • No. Stok RS 288-724
  • Merek Jumo
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. PC-Interface mit Umsetzer USB/TTL
Jumo 2 - 707010 2-Wire Programmable Transmitter -
PR Electronics USB-B to 2.5mm Jack, USB-B to USB-A PR Electronics 1 USB-B to 2.5mm Jack, USB-B to USB-A - -
Programming adaptor for FDT/DTM Hart Turck 1 USB to 3.5mm Jack - 3m
Red Lion 9-Pin Connector Cable Red Lion 1 9-Pin Connector Cable - -
Configuration Cable USB/microUSB 1.8m
  • No. Stok RS 862-6616
  • Merek Gefran
  • Pbrk. No. Komp. USBTTL conv.USB-TTL 3V+cavo 1M8+microUSB
Gefran 0 USB Cable - 1.8m
Wachendorff USB Cable Wachendorff 0 USB Cable - -
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