MBX Connectors

MBX connectors are designed to make primary board-to-board or board-to-module interface connections within radio frequency applications. They can maintain excellent power handling and electrical performance even in the event of mechanical misalignment, making them the ideal solution for many high-volume applications.

What are MBX connectors used for?

MBX or PCB connectors are used for applications including multiple board-to-board connections and complex stack-ups in radio module environments. The connectors are for devices requiring cable-to-board interfacing. Due to their small size, MBX connectors can be used in compact systems with miniature structures.

Why use MBX connectors?

The mechanical design of MBX connectors allows them to cope with misalignment in radial and axial directions. They have high output power, axial float, and excellent return loss values. They also have the smallest board-to-board distances out of other connectors, and great power handling at room temperature. MBX connectors are designed for high-volume markets such as communication and industrial applications. They offer secure mating between boards, are easy to use and create a reliable and resilient connection.

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Rincian Komponen Gender Stock Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Contact Material
Female Straight Through Hole 50Ω MBX Connector, Solder Termination, 0 → 6GHz Female 20 Straight Solder Through Hole Brass
Male Right Angle Cable Mount 50Ω MBX Connector, Crimp Termination, 0 → 6GHz Male 10 Right Angle Crimp Cable Mount Beryllium Copper
Male Straight Cable Mount 50Ω MBX Connector, Crimp Termination, 0 → 6GHz Male 10 Straight Crimp Cable Mount Beryllium Copper
Female Straight Surface Mount 50Ω MBX Connector, Crimp Termination, 0 → 6GHz Female 6 Straight Crimp Surface Mount Brass
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