OSP Connectors

OSP connectors are a type of blind mate connector. These are radio frequency connectors that mate either via a snapping or sliding action.

How do OSP connectors work?

Designed with self-aligning features, OSP connectors guide themselves into the correct mating position. Because the mating action occurs in situations where you can’t see or feel it, an OSP connector usually has no locking system at all or uses a non-threaded interlock.

OSP Connectors are engineered to ensure precise, consistent and reliable performance and minimise the risk of misalignment. They can achieve high electrical performance and reliability and typically operate at high frequencies suitable for multiple mounting or rack-and-panel applications.

What are OSP connectors used for?

In tasks where the electrical port is hidden or recessed and touch and sight are inhibited or restricted, OSP connectors are needed to ensure that flawless mating occurs. They’re used in applications such as microwave subsystems, medical equipment, navigation systems, satellite communication and military radar equipment. You will also find OSP connectors on the back of interface cards and in 'black box' installations where space is limited.

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Male Straight Miniature 50Ω Panel Mount OSP Connector, Solder Termination, RG405 Semi-Rigid Cable,0 → 22GHz
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