Twinax Connectors

Twinax connectors, also called twin Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) connectors, are used in balanced low level and high level sensitivity circuits to prevent signals from being mixed. These connectors ensure system integrity through a feature called keyway polarisation. Twinax connectors have a bayonet latching shell and contain male and female contact points. The bayonet design allows for quick and easy coupling. Twinax connectors have crimp contacts to ensure lower installation costs.

What are twinax connectors used for?

Twinax connectors are used for 78, 95 or 100 Ohm twinaxial conductor cables. These connectors can operate in a range of 0-200 MHz. Twinax connectors are standard in the broadband internet, military and instrumentation fields.

Types of twinax connectors

Twinax connectors are suitable for either cable attachment or panel mount configurations. They come in bulkhead and cable mount styles. They're available in standard (BNC), miniature and subminiature sizes.

Twinax connectors come in various solder / clamp and crimp assembly versions. The interface models are 2-, 3- and 4-lug bayonet as well threaded. Unique features like pin and socket, keying and polarisation are also available.

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Rincian Komponen Brand Stock Gender Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Cable Type Impedance Operating Frequency Contact Plating Series
RS PRO Straight 100Ω Cable Mount Twinax Connector, Plug, Solder Termination RS Pro 155 Male Straight Solder Cable Mount - 100Ω 250MHz Silver R21
TE Connectivity AMP Series Straight Standard Cable Mount Twinax Connector, Plug, Crimp Termination RG/U TE Connectivity 49 Male Straight Crimp Cable Mount RG/U - - Silver AMP
TE Connectivity AMP Series Right Angle Through Hole Twinax Connector, Socket, Solder Termination TE Connectivity 40 Female Right Angle Solder Through Hole - - - Gold AMP
Telegartner Straight 50Ω Cable Mount Twinax Connector, Socket, Crimp Termination RG174, RG179, RG223, RG58, RG589RG 62, Telegartner 0 Female Straight Crimp Cable Mount RG174, RG179, RG223, RG58, RG589RG 62, RGF1/3 50Ω 0 → 4GHz Gold -
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