Binding Machines

A binding machine enables you to bind pages into a book format. There are many different types of binding machine, but the most common types are comb binders or wire binders and thermal electric binding machines.Comb binders and wire binders:This type of binder has a punching mechanism which can be either electronic or manual. The mechanism is used to punch holes through the paper that you wish to bind. There are normally markings along the side of the punch mechanism so that you can line the paper up. This allows you to punch holes consistently in the same place. The machine also features a comb opener or wire opener, normally with a lever. The lever opens the spines of the comb or wire. You can match up the punched holes in the paper with the spines, and place the paper into position. The lever is then used to close the gap, and the document is now bound.One advantage that comb binding presents is the ability to easily remove or add additional pages. The comb/wire and binding elements can also be reused.Thermal electric binders:Thermal electric binders are a more permanent solution than comb binders. Thermal electric binders use a premade cover with glue in the spine. Simply insert your documents into the cover, and place the spine into the thermal binding machine. When the glue inside the spine heats up, it binds to the paper that you have inserted.You must carefully choose the size of the spine to accommodate the amount of paper that you wish to bind. Although it is possible to add or remove pages later, this means reheating the spine, which in turn can damage the integrity of the book. You must bear in mind that thermal binding is a stiffer binding and it can sometimes be difficult to open the pages out all the way.
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