Chemical Monitoring

Chemical monitoring is a way of measuring or maintaining the quality of a fluid in any given container. It is a type of fluid control system that generally focuses on monitoring the pH levels of that fluid, determining whether it is too acid or alkali for its function.

What is chemical monitoring used for?

Chemical monitoring is broadly used to detect appropriate chemical levels in a fluid. Often this fluid is water. For example, chlorine levels are routinely tested in swimming pools using a chemical monitoring device.

In industrial settings, chemical monitoring is used as part of the fermenting process and in maintaining the correct chemical levels for dying fabrics.

Types of chemical monitoring

There are two main methods of chemical monitoring:

  • Using a sensor or a probe to monitor the level of a given chemical in a fluid. If the level goes below or above the appropriate range, the pH will have to be manually adjusted.
  • Using a buffer solution to keep the chemical levels of the fluid at the appropriate pH. Buffer solutions are very resistant to change from acid or base.
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Burkert pH7 Buffer Solution Burkert 59 Buffer Solution pH pH7
Burkert pH4.01 Buffer Solution Burkert 30 Buffer Solution pH pH4.01
Burkert pH10.01 Buffer Solution Burkert 23 Buffer Solution pH pH10.01
Free Chlorine sensor/probe membrane ProMinent 6 Sensor Membrane Cap - -
ProMinent pH1, IP65 Probe ProMinent 6 Sensor pH pH1
Free Chlorine sensor/probe 0-10ppm ProMinent 1 Sensor Chlorine Level -
ProMinent, IP65 Probe ProMinent 0 Signal Cable - -
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