Auto Recloser

An auto recloser is a type of circuit breaker equipped with a mechanism that automatically closes the breaker after it has been opened due to a fault. Reclosers are used to detect overcurrent and interrupt momentary faults in electrical distribution networks.
To prevent damage, each station along a network is protected with circuit breakers which turn the power off if there is a short circuit.
Reclosers are programmed to automate the reset process and start the restoration service.

Why Have an Auto Recloser?
  1. Firstly, reclosers prevent transient short circuits from triggering prolonged power outages. This could be a broken tree branch momentarily hitting an overhead cable before it hits the ground. Having a recloser results in a better service to the customer as the power is restored within a few seconds.

  2. Secondly, the recloser is able to restore power automatically without the requirement of an engineer unless the fault is more serious.
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Auto Recloser iC60, 2P, 5 reclosing attempts, 60s minimum time delay before reset 63mm 1 85mm 70mm
Auto Recloser iC60, 4P, 5 reclosing attempts, 60s minimum time delay before reset 63mm 0 85mm 70mm
RCA remote ctrl aux for iC60 1P-1PN-2P 93mm 0 75.5mm 63mm
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