Panel Printers

Panel printers are integrated into other pieces of equipment and act as mini printing devices for self-service use. They're made up of interface electronics and a convenient unit for panel mounting.

What are panel printers used for?

Panel printers are widely used for fire and security panels, parking, ticketing and kiosks. They're also found in timing and telemetry systems, industrial data logging applications and medical systems. Panel printers are equipped with internal memory and can house paper rolls of different widths.

Types of panel printers

Panel printers come with various features and parameters, depending on their intended purpose. Variables include printing speed, paper width, stock, depth and resolution. Panel printers are designed for specific end uses: receipt printing uses thin paper, while tickets may be printed on sturdier card. Paper and ink cartridges are supplied separately and can be easily fitted through flip-open door flaps. Handy sensors warn you when paper is running low or has run out, and alerts tell you when ink needs to be replaced.

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Rincian Komponen Brand Stock Paper Width Resolution Cutout Height Cutout Width Depth
24/32/42 column panel printer,5-8.5Vdc
  • S$ 354,82
  • Each
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Able Systems 32 57.5mm 8 dpmm 62mm 109mm 93mm
Able Systems Ap1400VKITRS Panel Printer
  • S$ 256,83
  • Each
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Able Systems 20 57mm 8 dpmm 75mm 75mm 44mm
Able Systems Ap1400KIT Panel Printer
  • S$ 179,13
  • Each
  • Compare
Able Systems 18 57mm 8 dpmm 75mm 75mm 31mm
24column alphanumeric panel printer,5Vdc
  • S$ 391,37
  • Each
  • Compare
Able Systems 14 57.5mm 0.33 dpmm 96mm 113.5mm -
GILGEN Muller & Weigert 5740000000 Panel Printer
  • S$ 1.801,02
  • Each
  • Compare
GILGEN Muller & Weigert 4 80mm 8 dpmm 68mm 138mm -
Able Systems 03-AP25-24 Panel Printer
  • S$ 463,74
  • Each
  • Compare
Able Systems 2 57.5mm 144 dots/line 62mm 109mm -
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