Frekuensi Radio dan Rangkaian Gelombang Mikro

Di bagian ini, Anda dapat menemukan berbagai pilihan Frekuensi Radio (RF) & Rangkaian Gelombang Mikro Jelajahi produk dari produsen Semikonduktor terkemuka dan juga lihat Pusat Elektronik kami tempat berbagai alat desain gratis tersedia untuk diunduh


Microcontrollers are everywhere, from children’s toys and your TV remote control to your motorcar and implantable medical devices. There is no escaping the wide variety of microcontrollers out there and the myriad of applications they can inhabit and the effects that they have on our lives.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (also referred to as IoT), is the increasing use of cheap and easy to program hardware to add internet and other types of connectivity to everyday objects.


In today’s world we are interacting with wireless technology more than ever, whether at home in the office or at the workshop, it’s never far away. Contactless payment, wireless internet access and GPS are the everyday applications we associate with wireless communications.